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Be part of our team specialized in clinical nutrition, and promote as well health and well-being.

Vagas disponíveis:

Job description:

  • You’ll be in charge of all International Sales Team, with report to the CEO
  • You’ll be leading international sales in the company. Everything regarding sales abroad will be your call.
  • We’re a hands on corporation: you’ll have P/L responsibility, strategic guiding of international sales but you’ll also pitch deals, follow up, search and process leads in areas where we’ve no key account managers.
  • Team leading: you’ll be required to manage an international team of key account managers, sales coordinators and agents. All of them in different geographies then you. You’ll form and coach teams as well.
  • Develop processes to generate (qualified) leads. Thousands of them a year! You’ll be tought much of what we learnd about generating leads on the web, but you’ll be required to add to it! (a lot)! Your analytical/logical skills and opportunity sense will be required!
  • You’ll be on the road a lot. But you’ll also be required to do much of your work for a laptop wherever you are. Many calls and web searches!
  • Adequate and execute the strategic planning for the area, aiming to comply with the strategic and operational KPIs and budget, according your team performance;
  • Deepening the sales and taxation systems of each country, always aiming to offer the best profitability to Prodiet, together with the competitiveness in the destination market;
  • You’ll be required extensive interecation with HQ. Not only with your team but also with other departments such as Regulatory Affairs, Marketing, Logistics, etc.



  • Fluent English and Spanish
  • Experience in International Sales and Negotiation
  • Experience in Nutrition or Pharmaceuticals
  • We’d appreciate if you had exposure to Enteral Nutrition
  • Interest in seeking new markets
  • Interest in new cultures
  • Enjoy managing people and teams
  • Pleasure to carry out from operational activities to strategic activities
  • Process and Analytical drives are key (CRM, online search skills, prospecting,  knowledge of lead capture tools)
  • There’s no geographic boundaries to where you live. But your role requires extensive travelling so we need you to be in a major airport hub (ie: Sao Paulo, Rio, Santiago, Panama, Mexico City, Bogota, etc).

If you are interested, please send email to: cv@prodiet.com.br

Published in March, 03 2017